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Ambassadors of Cultures

As ambassadors of European and Oriental cultures, we know that understanding begins with the art of communication. The exchange of thoughts as well as goods and products are a fundamental pillar of freedom and prosperity. Therefore, we are passionately aiming to foster international relations by trading high quality goods and services.


Our two companies enable us to import and export European and Oriental products worldwide. We provide our customers with a network of reliable suppliers. Based on our engineering expertise we ensure the best quality.


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Energy Supply

Durable, licensed, efficient and approved

“The appreciation of good products is the key to inner peace and happiness.”

Ancient wisdom


The enbace group is a joint venture between enbace GmbH and enbace Ltd. Şti.
Our goal is to understand, create and manage technical and emerged systems to make them resilient and flourish.

Offices Germany

enbace GmbH

Ettelner Weg 61
33100 Paderborn

Office Türkiye

enbace Ltd. Şti.

Zincirlikuyu Caddesi No: 12