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What Consulting Means to Us

One of the major challenges confronting management is decision-making. Taking on responsibility for a company and leading it safely into the future can only be effected on the basis of valid and reliable information. Through purposeful changes of perspective we will offer you fresh, domain-specific perceptions of your company. You will discover hidden complex structures and patterns in your company without impacting them and be able to use these new insights for making the right decisions. 
To this end we systematically identify portions of information from your data and reassemble them to make up a full picture – we generate new explicit knowledge for your company. What is more, we classify decontextualized data into the historical context of your company or your project, thus bringing implicit knowledge to light and making it comprehensible.

The Way We Work

We use synergies from technical, sociological, and economic methodologies while placing the human being first. Our thinking is inspired by research results from cybernetics and system theory and serves as a basis for interlinking different approaches sustainably and in a targeted manner. We solve problems in a holistic way, taking into account interdependencies, collinearities, and correlations. Our methods and approaches will help you identify structures and interrelations early on so you can make valid and fact-based decisions in your environment.


The enbace group is a joint venture between enbace GmbH and enbace Ltd. Şti.
Our goal is to understand, create and manage technical and emerged systems to make them resilient and flourish.

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