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Digital revolution and dealing responsibly with huge datasets are the central challenges of our times. Data are subject to a certain dynamics, i.e., the knowledge just acquired has an ever shorter half-life. So in sufficiently short intervals (real-time) data changes have to be taken into account for retrieving reliable information. Our methodologies are the basis for the acquisition of information. Complex development projects involve numerous workgroups from many departments, sometimes in cross-departmental collaboration and in cooperation with various suppliers. More often than not, the structures of cooperation are not transparent at all and will bring about friction losses. From the point of view of systems theory, such a conglomeration makes up an autogenic organisation comprising decentralized, autonomously operating control units.

We can make the organizing structures within your projects visible and provide interfaces for transparent communication.

Model-based Information Processing

In the light of the multitude and dynamics of existing product-, project- and organisation data, it is all but impossible to make statements on the system behaviour by means of classical analysis methods. Instead a tool-based methodology is required that not only provides ready-to-hand, reliable information on the state of the project/organisation as a basis for safe decisions but also generates an intrinsic, dynamical model of the projects and the organisation from the finite number of available data. Through an analysis and synthesis of simulations, these cognitive, partially self-validating models enable gaining fresh, transcendent insight into the considered system (project/organisation) and thus safeguarding future decisions.

Model-based information processing can help with extending knowledge boundaries. Thus immediate, reliable information on the state of the project/organisation can be provided as a basis for safe decisions.

Real-time Project Management

A multitude of new challenges in the automotive sector and thus also an increased complexity of development projects vastly exceed the capabilities of existing methodologies and development tools. To remedy this, a new methodology is being developed that is tool-based and adapted to the requirements of development projects, enabling collaborative and networked operations while supporting the developer with the task of process-conformant project execution.

This new tool-based methodology will make the development of future projects far more efficient, error-free, faster and thus more efficient. What is more, it will be possible to improve projects on the basis of data analyses and furthermore to generate a dynamical model of projects and organisations on the basis of the gathered data, in order to perform a strategic scenario management (simulation of external and internal impacts/disturbances on the project/the organisation).


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