ENBACE Ltd. Şti. Türkiye

A powerful joint venture

ENBACE GmbH Germany

Based in two countries, the ENBACE group is a powerful joint venture between two companies that are 100% privately hold by their managing directors Hüseyin Çinkaya and Sebastian Katzung. Created to combine the strength of two continents, two cultures and diverse resources.

“Understand,  Create and Manage

Technical and Emerged Systems

to Make them Resilient and Flourish”

Three pillars

As ambassadors of European and Oriantal cultures, we know that understanding begins with the art of communication. The exchange of thoughts as well as goods and products is a fundamental pillar of freedom and prosperity. Therefore we are passionately aiming to foster international relations by trading high quality goods and services.

The engineering and management consulting sector has been our core business for the past 7 years.
Understanding complex systems and managing them sustainably using holistic methods is our mission statement. It’s brought us lots of experience and has let us develop hard and soft skills, that are crucial to our new business endeavours in trading and energy.

We live in an electric world. Everything is charged with energy and there are many possibilities to harvest electricity from multiple sources. However, storing energy is one the major issues of the time. We develop, simulate and prototype smart energy grids that interconnect plenty of technologies. Our current focus is on hydrogen solutions.


Our fundamental approach is Systems-Thinking. It is the basis of all three pillars. They are purposefully designed to complement each other and are derived from our expertise, network and our visionary picture of the future.

Systems-Thinking makes us thirsty for new projects constantly. Every endeavour of our customers we see as a challenge that we solve with holistic and model based methods. We develop, prototype and analyse with system models. They help us to examine all kinds of phenomena across domains and thus to recognise interdisciplinary causal relationships and interactions. Providing our customers with high quality analysis helps them to achieve their goals.

This very deep know-how is used in all three pillars. Such as in complex trade logistics and market analysis or in the management of highly developed process and company structures. Furthermore it is used in the development of highly complex products like automotive or in the production of green energy and embedding of energy-producing units (electricity and hydrogen) into an existing infrastructure.


The enbace group is a joint venture between enbace GmbH and enbace Ltd. Şti.
Our goal is to understand, create and manage technical and emerged systems to make them resilient and flourish.

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