Dipl.-Ing. Hüseyin Cinkaya

Systems Engineering
Function-oriented Design
Modelling and Simulation

Dipl.-Ing.oec. Sebastian Katzung

Management Consulting
Process and Project Management
IT Data Processing
Operations Research

In 2015 the ENBACE GmbH was founded by equal shares and is ever since a successful consultancy business to big corporations. In 2022 the ENBACE Ltd. Şti. was also founded by equal shares. With it the ENBACE group came alive and two new business branches were created.
Trade and Energy.


The enbace group is a joint venture between enbace GmbH and enbace Ltd. Şti.
Our goal is to understand, create and manage technical and emerged systems to make them resilient and flourish.

Offices Germany

enbace GmbH

Ettelner Weg 61
33100 Paderborn

Office Türkiye

enbace Ltd. Şti.

Zincirlikuyu Caddesi No: 12